Answer each of the following questions, then on a scrap piece of paper, write down 2 points for any “Yes” answers and 1 point for any “No” answers”.

Do you go to bed believing tomorrow will be a great day?     
Do you wake up most days feeling ready to have a great day?   
Do you look forward to learning something new each day?   
  Yes/ No
Do you look forward to seeing your friends each day?   
  Yes/ No
Would you say people think you are happy most of the time? 
  Yes/ No
Do you enjoy spending time with your family and friends?   
  Yes /No
Do you get a little bit of exercise each day?     
  Yes / No
Do you try to avoid saying “I can’t” most of the time?   
  Yes/ No
Do you try to help others when you can?    
  Yes/ No
Do you believe you are able to do most of the things you want to do?  
  Yes/ No


20 points
14-19 points
10-13 points
8-9  points
Below 8 points
You are a POSMENATT almost all of the time!
You are working on being a POSMENATT!
You have to work really hard to be a POSMENATT!
Petey and Penny will be there soon!