We are currenty gathering positive stories from all of our fellow Posmenatts! Please send us a short story about something you consider to be positive. Your story can be about anything or anyone you desire but should be positive and written well!

If you would like to enter the Posmenatt Of The Month  (P.O.M.) contest, please click on the link below and E-mail us your positive story, along with a picture of yourself. If chosen to be the Posmenatt Of The Month, your story and a picture of you will be placed here for your friends and family to see! To qualify, you MUST let us know in your e-mail:

  • #1 You have permission from your parents, have them send us an E-mail with a short note stating they agree to allow us to use your picture on the site.
  • #2  Tell us your name, what city and state you live in, your age, and wether or not you want your picture included with your story if you are the winner.

Good luck to all who enter the contest! We get lots of mail, so don't be discouraged if you are not picked the first time you enter the contest. We appreciate all of the stories we receive and you are free to enter as many positive stories as you like. We read all stories and love to hear from you!

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