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Thank you for choosing to visit us and learn more about becoming a positive thinker! I would like to quote a famous positive thinker: "If your mind can conceive it and believe it, then you can achieve it!" by Napoleon Hill. I hope to help children learn to use this simple sentence to better their daily lives and their futures!

In the world of the POSMENATT (pron:poz-min-ott) there are many wonderful ways to train ourselves to think positively! Have you ever wondered how, on some days, being upbeat and positive is easier to do than on other days? Well, luckily for us, the answer to this question is very easily found.

You see, we all have the ability to think in a positive manner. It is already in place in our minds. We do it on a daily basis without even trying!

Most of the time we don’t even know it is happening. It’s like MAGIC! When we get excited about an event, a trip, a birthday or even a treat, we are automatically choosing to think positively! We are able to do this because the mind is so powerful that, with very little effort, it can focus on being positive and it will simply block out any thoughts that might get in the way of our happiness!

We get so involved in being happy that we “forget” all the other stuff for a little while. By learning to really believe in this power and by taking a little time to practice, we can train our brains to think this way almost all of the time!

Petey and Penny have learned that by simply choosing to control the way that they think, they can have mostly happy days. There will be a few times when we are all not as happy as we usually are, or want to be, that is a part of life. It is even good once in a while to have a few not so positive moments because it helps us realize that we ARE happy most of the time! The POSMENATTS have learned that using a P.M.A. will make everything better! P.M.A. stands for Positive Mental  Attitude. You will see examples of the P.M.A TREE, both here and in the book. This is to help people understand that thinking positively leads to, or “branches out” into, more thinking positively. Or, simply put, being positive adds GOOD thoughts on top of GOOD thoughts and helps us to grow! You will also find the P.M.A. CUP (half full not half empty), and THE POSMENATT CREED which is a pledge to be a POSMENATT!

Check out the pages that follow and be sure to “sign up” to receive our monthly E-mails and Contest alerts! Congratulations on becoming a true POSMENATT!

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